CEMS Maintenance & Calibration Test

We perform regular maintenance and supervision operations for the data collected by the Continuous Emission Automatic System (CEMS) both those we provide and those installed by other manufacturers.

CEMS maintenance programs

In order to ensure and maintain the quality of the data measured by a CEMS, this must be subject to a preventive maintenance program. The validity of the agreements offered by BRE for the maintenance of monitoring systems (CEMS) may be established three-monthly, six-monthly, yearly or longer

CEMS Calibration Test

External calibration of CEMS by Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) is a routine activity carried out by an accredited laboratory to determine the accuracy and precision of the CEMS system. RATA external calibration is one of the mandatory requirements for the integration of CEMS data into SISPEK (Continuous Industrial Emissions Monitoring Information System) and part of the quality assurance & quality control process of CEMS (QA/QC CEMS) in Indonesia.

BRE is engaged in a wide spectrum of environmental activities, providing Waste Water Treatment Solutions, Waste Water Quality Monitoring Systems, Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS), and CEMS Maintenance & Calibration Services

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